The Jaguar Way totally eliminates all security deposits, surety bonds, cosigners and guarantors and therefore removes the risk and expense of managing security deposits as well as all legal fees and court costs for the landlords.

The Jaguar Way is a simple, no-risk, zero cost program for Landlords:

  • Landlords approve all Tenants without any restrictions or criteria from Jaguar.
  • Upon the landlord approving the tenant, the tenant registers with Jaguar and pays a nominal service fee to cover the term of tenant’s lease
  • No security deposits are ever collected
  • if an eviction occurs, the Jaguar Way immediately pays landlord $1,000.00.
  • Jaguar files all evictions and collects damages from Tenants, on behalf of the Landlord
  • Landlord never pays any court costs or attorney’s fees to Jaguar.

The Jaguar Way eliminates the administrative time and expense of traditional security deposit management.  Most importantly, Landlords avoid having to pay legal fees and court costs for eviction actions.

The Jaguar Way costs nothing for the landlord.  That includes all court costs and attorney’s fees to evict the tenant and otherwise enforce the terms of the lease.

The Jaguar Way is currently available in Florida.

If a tenant defaults on the terms of their lease, necessitating an eviction, the landlord logs into the Jaguar Way portal and completes the Jaguar Way Claims Form.  After that, the Jaguar Way takes care of everything.

All security deposit alternatives on the market today consist of surety bonds, or insurance coverage.  NONE of the deposit alternatives cover all attorney’s fees and court costs.  The other plans do not evict the tenants or collect damages on behalf of landlord.  The Jaguar Way does.

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Yes.  The Jaguar Way will provide immediate coverage for existing tenants:
To do so, the landlord returns the existing deposits to each tenant minus the nominal one time Jaguar Way service fee.

NO. The Jaguar Way Is not a surety bond, or an insurance product that involves many layers of red tape and government regulations, oversight and reporting.